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Profile Of A Sneaky Killer: Dutch Elm Disease

One day your elm tree is looking green and vibrant. Weeks later, its leaves are curling, turning brown and tumbling to the ground, even though fall is months away. This looks like the work of a dangerous serial killer known as Dutch elm disease. Since it’s your tree who has been harmed, it’s up to […]

How to Remove Roots from Your Drain Pipes

The drains in your home can be susceptible to clogging from a variety of substances. However, tree roots are probably not your first suspect as to the cause for a plugged drain. While less frequent in today’s modern plumbing, it is not improbable for roots to grow into your pipes. The History of Rooter Services […]

A Comparison Of 3 Natural Countertop Materials

Few things contribute as much to the overall appearance of your kitchen as the countertops. For this reason, more and more people are having natural stone countertops installed in their home. Yet it can be hard making a choice between all of the different stones available. If you would like to learn more about three […]

Major Commercial Air Conditioning Installation And Repair Considerations You Can’t Afford To Miss

Central heating and cooling systems are standard in a number of commercial facilities, but there’s no telling what you’ll find lurking inside the ventilation ducts. There’s also the possibility that your newly acquired commercial space is equipped with an outdated commercial air conditioning unit, or no central heating and cooling system at all. Even if […]

How A Water Softening System Helps Home Appliances

If you live in a rural area and are on a well water system, most likely you have some type of hard water. Hard water is defined by how many minerals you have the water, which are usually removed when water goes through some type of treatment system. While hard water isn’t necessarily unhealthy, it […]