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Prepare For War: Tips To Storm-Proof Your Windows

When storms come to call, they can incur damage to the different parts of your home – and especially to your windows. But short of not including any windows in your home, how do you protect your windows (and thus yourself and/or your family) against the power of these storms? If you’re looking for tips […]

Protecting Your Windshield At Sporting Events

Any time you take the family vehicle to a local baseball or softball game, you know you are placing your car in the path of danger. Even safely parking at a soccer game can be hazardous, and golf courses are a nightmare. Cracked and shattered windshields are common, but you can take steps to protect […]

Why to Wait Until Morning to Take Out the Trash

Many homeowners who have their garbage picked up by a local company or municipal agency will take out their rubbish the night before. There are a number of reasons for this. Some may not want to handle garbage once they are showered and dressed for work. Some may leave early and worry they will forget […]