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Fire Glass: A Shining Addition To Your Fireplace

Most traditional gas fireplaces use gas logs or other decorative items to mimic the look of burning wood. New modern homes may want to update their style with a new look using special glass that can be put in the bottom of the fireplace. It typically comes in small pieces that are either ground, crushed, or polished, mimicking the look of the bottom of an aquarium. This glass comes in a rainbow of different colors and looks absolutely beautiful as the light from the fire dances off of its surface. 

Fire Glass Basics

Before you decide to purchase fire glass, it is important to note that you cannot put regular glass in your fireplace. It must be a tempered glass that has been polished in order to prevent cuts and injuries. Tempered glass has been treated so that it can handle extremely high temperatures. It will not melt, turn colors, or produce any toxic gases or smoke when in the fireplace. Aside from using it in your traditional gas fireplace, it can also be placed in fire pits or used in landscaping. Fire glass is placed in the bottom of your fireplace and should cover up the base surface, allowing the gas flame to come through.

You can choose a variety of different sizes of fire glass pieces depending on the look you desire. There are a wide array of colors available as well, including shades of green and blue, clear glass, yellow, purples, and pinks. The possibilities are endless. Choose a color that you think will go best with your decor, or you can mix and match. Fire glass can be used indoors and outdoors, and can also be used with propane devices. 

Buying Fire Glass

Before you purchase fire glass, you will need to know how much to get so that it properly fits into and covers the bottom of your fireplace. It is recommended that the depth of the glass in the bottom of your fireplace be about three to four inches high. As for the total amount of glass you will need to buy, you can use a calculator that measures your fireplace's dimensions. This should produce the number of pounds of glass you'll want to purchase in order to completely cover and fill the bottom of your fireplace. Most dealers who sell this type of glass can assist you with choosing the right amount.

Using fire glass requires very little maintenance. It does not attract soot and typically won't become discolored. It may get dusty and will need normal cleaning as required, but nothing special. You can also take the glass out, wash it with a mild soap, let it dry, and put it back into the fireplace. Most fire glass can last for many years without having to replace it, unless you decide to change the color. This amazing glass can add dimension and beauty to any room while you enjoy sitting in front of a glistening, crackling fire. Contact a company like Village Fireplace for more information.

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