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How To Strip Your House Before Painting

Painting not only makes your house look better, but it protects the exterior of your home from the elements. If you are planning to paint your house or have professionals from places like Mylroie Painting Inc, you may need to strip it first. Below is how you can determine if you need to do this, and the steps you can take to do it..

Inspect Your House

Before you start painting, there is a test you need to do. This test will determine if you can start painting now, or if you need to strip the house first. Choose an inconspicuous small area that looks the worse. Clean the surface of this area, let it completely dry, and then apply paint to it.

Wait 24 hours and apply a piece of tape to this area, and then immediately pull it off. If the tape is clean, then you can wash and prep your house and start painting. If the tape removed the paint, you need to strip your house before you start painting.

Wash the Walls

Before you start stripping your house, you should was the walls to remove any loose paint chips, grease, and dirt. If you are going to use a pressure washer, you have to be careful, as it could cause damage. Do not let a powerful force of water hit directly at the siding, as it can get under it.

Use the pressure washer set to a low power stream to distribute cleaner on the walls. Use the same setting later to rinse the walls off. A solution of bleach and trisodium phosphate works well to clean and remove mildew. Mix this up and put it in your pressure washer, and then spray your house.

If there is vegetation near your house, make sure you cover it up, as the solution can kill it as it runs off your house.

Spray the cleaning solution so it covers the entire wall, and then let it dry. When it is dry, use the pressure washer again to rinse the walls with clean water, and let them dry.

Scrape the Walls

There are different methods of scraping a house, such as chemical strippers, power scraper, and hand scraper. Hand scraping is the most work, but it is the most effective.

When you purchase a hand scraper, it will have a tall knob and a handle. It is designed to be used with both hands. As you are scraping your house, pull it towards your body, as this gives it more force, and will not dig into the wood. Spend a little more money and purchase a scraper that has a hard carbide blade. The cheaper scrapers have a mild steel blade, which dulls quickly and will make your job much more difficult.

It is easiest to start at the top of the wall, and scrape your way down. Watch the wall as you scrape to make sure all the paint comes off. It is much easier to scrape it off now than to have to go back and do it later.

When all of the paint is removed, use a fine-grit sandpaper to sand the surface. This will roughen the walls so the paint will adhere to it better. If there are any bad spots on the siding, repair it with wood repair materials.

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