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Does Your Insurance Cover Windshield Replacement And Repair?

If you have a crack in your windshield, or need to have the windshield replaced altogether, you may begin to stress thinking about what this is going to cost you. Luckily, you may be covered for this under your insurance. This is how windshield repair and replacement works under your insurance:

  • Covered by Comprehensive Insurance: The only way that windshield repairs and replacement is covered is under comprehensive insurance. This means that you must have this included on your auto insurance policy. Be sure to call and check with your insurance provider to see whether or not this is something included on your auto insurance. 
  • There May be a Deductible: Before filing a claim, you may want to see whether or not your comprehensive coverage comes with a deductible. In some cases, yours may have a zero deductible, which is offered under comprehensive insurance from many insurance companies. However, if you owe a deductible, then you need to determine whether or not, after paying the deductible, a large number of the costs will still cover the repairs or replacement of the windshield that you need. If not, then you are better off paying out of pocket and not filing a claim.
  • File the Claim Right Away: If you are going to file a claim with your insurance for the windshield repair or replacement, then you must be sure that you do it right away, especially if you only need to repair a crack. This is because cracks in glass become worse overtime, which can lead to you having to pay more for the repairs, which leads to a larger claim that can then increase the amount of your monthly premium for your auto insurance.
  • Can't Afford the Deductible: If you cannot afford the amount of the deductible, but you want to file a claim for the windshield, then you may just want to put off the repairs until you have enough. Although this is not the best case scenario, you will at least be able to have a great deal of the cost of replacement or repairs covered by your insurance once you can afford the deductible. However, you can also call a glass company like M S Glass Outlet to see whether or not they would be willing to waive the amount of the deductible, in which case you can file the claim right away.

By knowing that your insurance may potentially cover your costs for windshield replacement or repair, this can help you to save money and not stress too much about the costs.

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