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Add Some Decorative Elements To Your Asphalt Drive

There's no reason to stick with a plain, boring driveway. Just like concrete, you have many options when it comes to adding style to your driveway. Consider the following methods for adding some flair to your old drive.

Color It

Although standard asphalt comes in a dark gray or black color, this doesn't mean that these are the only choice you have. If you are laying a new asphalt surface or resurfacing over an existing drive, your contractor can add a color additive directly to the hot mix asphalt. Color options are limited. Generally, you can select from a variety of gray shades, or you can move into earth tones of reds, oranges and yellows.

Get Decorative

You aren't limited to a solid color, either. There are tinted asphalt sealers available that can add a pop of color to your existing driveway. These are a combination of sealer and paint, so you aren't as limited in color. Use a variety of different sealer colors to create a design on the driveway, such as cobblestone or a repeating geometric pattern. As an added bonus, the sealer will protect your drive from weather damage.

Stamp It

Stamped concrete is a common option that most homeowners are aware of, but did you know you can also stamp asphalt? Just like with concrete, the hot asphalt is stamped before it cures. You can go with simple shapes or patterns, or even create the appearance of a stamped on mosaic. This leaves behind an impression that resembles stone or other decorative designs. In fact, with the right color and stamp combination, your drive can resemble brick or stone instead of plain asphalt.

Chip Drives

One of the simplest options is the tar & chip style of drive. This is still an asphalt drive, but chips of rock or gravel are mixed in with the asphalt. This aggregate surface has all the benefits of a paved driveway but the decorative appearance of gravel. You can choose the type and color of stone or gravel used in the drive, which will have an impact on the final look of the paving.  As an added benefit, tar & chip doesn't require sealing and it's less expensive than standard asphalt.

Whether you're putting in a new drive or repairing an older asphalt driveway, there's no need to stick with the same boring design. Talk to your paving contractor about the decorative options you have available. (For more information, you can contact Lakeridge Paving Company)

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