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Four Things You Will Want To Know Before Investing In Replacement Windows For Your Home

If you want to have the windows in your home replaced, there is a lot of work to be done. All the windows need to be measured and repairs done to the casing. Even if you choose to use replacement windows in your home, they may not be right for every window. You may also need to install new windows, use window film or repair glass in old windows. Here are some things that you may want to know before you install replacement windows in your home:

1. Choosing The Windows Where Replacements Can Be Used

Before you can order replacement windows, you will need to measure windows in your home and decide on the windows where replacements can be used. These are usually standard size windows that are in good condition. You will want to check the openings to see that they are square and do not have any major damage that needs to be repaired.

2. Checking Windows For Damage And Repairing Window Openings

If a window has major damage and is out of square, replacement windows may not work. Sometimes, this damage is minor and you can repair the window by squaring them and adding filler to any wood damage. You can remove the interior trim to adjust windows and add shims to get them where they need to be. It is also a good idea to plan on painting all the windows once they are repaired and replaced.

3. Installing New Windows Where Replacement Windows Will Not Work

When a window is too damaged, replacement windows cannot be used. This means that the entire window needs to be removed and a new window installed in its place. This is something that you will want to do if there is severe rot at the bottom of the window or a lot of damage to the casing. If there is rot, you may also need to do repairs to the wood framing before a new window can be installed.

4. Improving Glass And Windows That Are Not Going To Be Replaced

When replacing the windows in your home, there may be some windows that do not get replaced or have new windows installed. This can be for features like fixed glass and doors with windows. Film can be added to the glass to make these windows more energy efficient. You may also want to consider things like window treatments or shutters to improve these windows in your home.

Replacement windows can be a great solution to add energy efficiency to your home, but understanding the process can make things easier. If you are ready to have improvements done to your home, contact a building contractor (such as Smith & Son Building & Remodeling, Inc.) and talk with them about the needs of windows in your home.

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