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New Pool? Tips For Resurfacing The Deck

If you've only had your backyard pool for a few years, you may not know the best practices for taking care of the pool deck. When your pool deck is worn, cracked or weathered, you may find that resurfacing is in your best interest. Here's a look at some tips to help you prepare the deck and resurface it.

Protect the Area

Start by removing your deck furniture and other loose items from the area. Take your potted plants down and set them out of the way. Then, cover the inside surface of the pool with bubble wrap or heavy-duty plastic to protect the pool surface from debris and dirt. If you have plants in the ground around the patio area, make sure that you cover the plants and landscape surface with tarps.

Treat the Surface With a Shot Blaster

Treat the whole surface of the deck with a shot blaster to clear the dirt, debris and damaged particles from the deck. You can rent a shot blaster from an equipment rental company or talk with a resurfacing contractor to do the work if you're not skilled with this type of equipment.

Patch the Cracks

Examine the surface for any deep cracks in the deck. If there are any, you'll need to fill them before you resurface the deck. Fill the cracks with a wet patch product, then use a float to smooth the surface out. This creates a level finish with the concrete on either side of the crack.

Wash Things Up

The shot blasting and patch work can create dust. Before you finish the deck surface, you need to make sure it's clean. After the concrete patches dry completely, use a pressure washer to clean the whole area. This gets rid of any residual particles and gets the deck surface ready.

Tape it Off

Invest in some thick plastic sheeting and heavy tape to cover the areas of the deck that you don't want treated with the new surface product. You'll want to cover things like the diving board, the structure posts and any shade-building features that aren't being finished.

Spray the Finish

Concrete micro-topping finishes are a great option for this project. Spray it on with a power sprayer so that you cover the whole deck area. If you've never worked with a product like this, you might find it easier to work with a deck refinishing company for this, because you want to be sure that the cover is uniform without it having to be too thick. Let it cure overnight, ensuring that everyone stays off it for the whole time.

Finish the Surface

You may decide to add a colored stain over the top of the micro topping. If so, do this after the micro topping is cured. Then, complete the whole surface with a clear coat to seal it all. That reduces the wear and tear on the finish, reducing the frequency with which you have to repeat this process.

For more about pool deck resurfacing options, click on this link or do an online search. 

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