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6 Attractive Fire Extinguisher Options

There's no doubt that fire extinguishers are critical to keeping fires contained, limiting property damage and helping to reduce the risk of injury during a fire emergency. Despite their high level of utility, however, fire extinguishers aren't exactly known for their good looks, which may cause some users to tuck them away out of site, where they are harder to access when needed.

While most commercial users -- and some homeowners -- may by limited in the types of fire extinguishers they use and how they can be stored, those who are not restricted by fire safety codes may be able to choose extinguishers and display them in a way that doesn't detract from the overall aesthetics of a space. Remember -- the value of design pales in comparison to fire safety -- so always check your local codes to understand what the requirements are regarding extinguishers. If you're permitted by law, consider these 6 attractive alternatives to the traditional wall-hung fire extinguisher that can work with your decor, rather than against it.

Designer Extinguishers

The classic red fire extinguisher is easy to identify, but that bright red hue doesn't tend to blend in that well to the design of every space. Consider a designer extinguisher which is wrapped in a colorful design or sleek finish to work more effectively with your designer eye. These extinguishers are works of art in and of themselves and can be put in display instead of hidden away.

Colored Boxes

Want an extinguisher that blends in? Pick a cabinet that's painted to match the surrounding walls. Manufacturers offer these cabinets with a powder coated finish in a wide variety of shades to suit any space.

Wooden Cabinets

If you like the look of fancy woodwork, skip the colored box and house your extinguisher in a specialty wooden cabinet. These boxes mount to the wall and are made of oak, teak or other woods to add style to your space and keep the extinguisher housed in a safe spot that's easy to access. Some come with glass windows, while others are enclosed for a more discreet style.

Metal Cabinets

If you have a modern or contemporary home, consider a sleek metal cabinet for your extinguisher. They come in various finishes, including aluminum, stainless steel, bronze and brass. Some are equipped with small glass viewing windows, while others have other elements, including acrylic bubbles that wrap around the body of the extinguisher.

Semi-Recessed Cabinets

If you really want your extinguisher to blend in as much as possible, consider a recessed cabinet. Due to the round shape of the average extinguisher, these boxes don't fit completely into a standard wall, so there is a small reveal on the surface, but it takes up much less space than a standard cabinet.

Change the Shape

While the majority of fire extinguishers are round, some manufacturers offer flattened oval versions, which have a unique and attractive shape of their own. These flattened versions also fit fully within a wall cavity, allowing you to use a fully recessed cabinet and conceal them in the wall if desired.

Contact a professional fire extinguisher company like Amerisafe and ask what options they have available for you.

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