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How A Beginner Do-It-Yourselfer Can Replace A Torn Asphalt Shingle

Now is the time before winter sets in to fix any broken asphalt shingles on your roof. A damaged shingle will let water from melting snow and rain to enter into your house. The water can saturate the wood underneath the shingles and cause it to rot and disintegrate. You need to replace any torn or damaged asphalt shingles before the snow flies. Here is how a beginner do-it-yourselfer can replace an asphalt shingle without damaging the rest of the roof.

Roof Safety

Working on roofs you can easily walk on is okay for the beginner do-it-yourselfer to do in the case of an asphalt shingle replacement job. In this case, you don't have to know how to set up platforms and scaffolding to keep yourself safe.

However, if you are working on a very steep roof that is hard or impossible to safely walk on, you should be familiar with using ladders and setting up platforms to work on. Staying safe is paramount – get help if you need it.

Get Replacement Shingles

You need to replace the shingle with one that is the exact style, texture, and color as the old one, or else the replacement shingle will stand out and look bad. If you don't have any leftover shingles from when the roof was either built or resurfaced, you need to go to a building supply or hardware store to buy a replacement shingle.

The best thing to do is to take the damaged shingle with you to the store. The store personnel can then match up your shingle against the ones they have on stock to see if they have a match. If they do, it's time to install it on your roof.

Removing Shingles

You need to the break the adhesive strip between the asphalt shingles to remove one of them. Take a putty knife and run it between the asphalt shingle you are removing and the one on top of it so you can lift it up. Lifting up the top shingle gives you access to the nails holding the damaged shingle down on the roof.

Now, take a small pry bar and slip it under the nail head of the shingle you are removing, and lift up on the nail and remove it.

Replacing Shingle

Slide the top of the replacement shingle into place where the old one was, and nail it down. Put a little coal tar along where the adhesive strip on the top shingle to reconnect it to the bottom shingle.

If this process sounds too challenging for you to complete on your own, contact a roofing company like Acoma Roofing to tackle the shingle replacement for you.

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