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How To Install Hardwood Floors

The main perk of hardwood floors is that you can install them on your own. It makes the project more cost effective. Of course, you will need to learn how to install the floors. The most common hardwood floors are engineered for consumer installation. They have a modular design that makes installation possible with minimal tools. This article explains how to lay and install hardwood on wooden subfloors.

Laying the Wood

The beauty of engineered floors is that they don't need to be screwed to the subfloor. Instead, you can just use construction adhesive. In fact, the pieces attach to each other without any screws or glue. Every system is slightly different, but most have a tongue and groove system. The tongue snaps into the groove very easily. You then need to lightly tap the edge of the slat to create a tighter fit. This installation goes by very quickly. You can attach the pieces as quickly as you are laying them onto the floor. You should put a little bit of glue on the underside of the flooring and on the subfloor. This creates a strong hold.

Cutting the Wood

When you get to the edge of the walls, you will obviously need to make cuts. You should also start off every other row with a piece cut in half. This way the seams do not line up. Cutting the boards is easiest if you have a mitre saw. Don't try to make all the cuts with handheld circular saw. You may want to intentionally cut the boards 1/4" bigger than your measurement at first. If you undercut the boards, the gap will be visible. It is better to cut them big and then trim down the excess if necessary.

For ease, you should measure and mark several pieces at once, and then go make the cuts on the saw. This way you don't need to get up and down all the time. It will save you a lot of stress on your back and knees. When working on the floor, you should wear kneepads too. Simple knee pads will protect your knees and your back!

Installing hardwood floors is not too difficult. It will go by much quicker if you have a few helpers though. Also, make sure you are able to handle the physical requirements of lifting and transporting the wood packs. It will be tiring, but it is a very smart home remodel. For more information about getting hardwood lumber for your flooring, contact a company like Salem Hardwood.

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