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DIY Swimming Pool Vinyl Lining Repair

Owning a swimming pool makes for a great summer. Having the fun of a pool right in your backyard is a great way to spend hot days, but it also requires maintenance on your part to ensure you get a lot of use out of it. The lining of your pool can become ripped or torn and cost you a lot of cash if you need to have it replaced. Before you contact your local pool contractor to get a quote for a replacement liner, see if you may be able to make the repairs to the tear yourself.

Prepping The Repair

Once you see a tear in your pool's liner, drain the water down to the level where the hole is found (you do not need to completely drain the pool unless the hole is at the bottom), and thoroughly clean and dry the area that needs to be fixed. You'll need to purchase a vinyl liner patch kit, which you can find at most home improvement and pool stores. These kits should come with the patching material and a special adhesive. Cut the patch material approximately one half inch larger than the hole or tear on all sides. Make sure the shape of the patch is cut into a circle or oval and not a square, since corners will eventually begin to peel, and the patch will come loose and fall off. 

Making The Repair

After you've determined the size your patch needs to be and have cut out the shape and size, you will need to apply the special adhesive around the hole or rip as well as to the backside of the patch. Firmly press the patch down over the rip and hold it down for at least three minutes. Read the manufacturer's specifications to ensure you're holding it down for the correct length of time. Be sure you press firmly and rub across the surface of the patch so that all air bubbles are removed. Double check to make sure that the edges all the way around the patch are firmly pressed down so it creates a tight seal. Let the adhesive fully dry. Once the adhesive has cured, you can refill the pool and enjoy swimming again.

Liner Maintenance

In order to ensure that your pool's vinyl liner is in good condition, make sure the chlorine levels are consistently correct. Too many chemicals can cause the vinyl to break down, creating tears. Keep the liner as clean as possible, paying close attention to the water line. Use brushes and other cleaning tools that are designed for vinyl so they don't accidentally rip the lining. Keep your water level as high as possible as often as you can, since the more vinyl is exposed, the more it can be susceptible to drying out and cracking. If you do notice a tear, use these steps to easily patch them up and save yourself a lot of money. 

If you feel you cannot do this yourself, or if you continue to have problems, contact swimming pool maintenance companies, such as KrisCo Aquatech Pools & Spas.

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