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Tips For Saving Money When Hiring An Electrician

Do you own a home that needs to have some work done? Do you want to hire an electrician to complete some work, but it seems out of your budget? While hiring a professional is the best way to ensure that your projects are done correctly, such expertise doesn't always come cheap. Here are a few ways that you can keep your home renovation budget in check:

Schedule all work together: It may seem easier to keep a handle on spending if you do your projects one at a time. For instance, you may want to re-wire the kitchen to add another outlet, then a month or two later you would have the bathroom light fixture changed. Unfortunately, this can cost you more money in the long run. Many electricians charge by the full hour.

So if one project takes five and a half hours to finish and the other takes him or her three and a half hours, you could end up paying for ten hours of work, plus the service fees for needing to come out in the first place. If you have your electrician start work on the second project as soon as he or she is finished with the first, you would end up only paying for nine hours, instead of ten, and might only be charged a single service fee. 

Take a day off work: If you have a few vacation days built up at work, use those to take a day or two off. Since many people are unwilling or unable to do this, an electrician is often busiest and charges the highest rates on weekends and otherwise outside of normal business hours. If you're willing to work around the electrician's schedule, instead of having him or her work around yours, he or she might even be willing to give you a discount on the project. 

Compare hourly rates: Some electricians will only quote you for the whole project, even though they may still charge you their hourly rate if the project happens to take longer than expected. Asking for an hourly rate from several different electricians will help you choose which one will be best for the job. An electrician who charges $75 an hour and expects a complicated project to take four hours may be a better choice than one who charges $100 per hour and only quotes you for an hour's worth of work. The first one would cost you $300 in labor, while the second one would cost you $400 in the end if the four hour estimate proves to be correct. You may need to do some research online, in addition to comparing your quotes, to find out more if the estimated work time is reasonable or if it is too much or too little. 

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