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Methods For Bringing Your Old Commercial Bathroom Into The Modern World

Remodeling your commercial bathroom is a good way to show that your business is successful and can help draw customers who are attracted to businesses with clean, attractive facilities. Modernization of your commercial bathroom can also help your business save money. These tips will help you bring your business's old bathroom into the modern world.

Install Touchless Technology

Touchless technology allows bathroom users to walk into a commercial bathroom and perform nearly all steps of bathroom use without touching the fixtures. Touchless technology can now be found on toilets, sinks, hand dryers and light switches, and innovators continue to add touchless features to different parts of commercial bathrooms as the technology develops. There are a variety of advantages to touchless technology, including:

  • Reduced wear and tear. With fewer people touching the fixtures in your bathroom, you may notice less wear and tear on the fixtures. Over time, this may lead to money saved on maintenance and replacement of parts.
  • Easy maintenance. Without customers and employees touching the faucets, hand dryers, toilets and other parts of the bathroom, those fixtures can stay cleaner. In this way, touchless fixtures can result in less time spent cleaning the bathrooms.
  • More sanitary. Touchless technology can help stop the spread of germs among employees and customers, because they enable people to make use of the facility without touching germ-hot spots like toilet handles and faucets. This can also reduce sick-leave absences among staff members, which can help save your business money.
  • Efficiency. Touchless technology only turns on when a bathroom user is present, and will shut off when the user leaves. For example, the toilet flushes only once, the sink runs water for a set period of time. This can reduce waste and help lower your utility bills.

Go Green

There are a multitude of ways that your commercial bathroom can "go green" during its remodel.

  • Installing low flow fixtures. Low-flow toilets and faucets can help your business reduce its water consumption.
  • Using recycled materials. Using green materials like tiles and solid surface counters made from recycled glass is another way that your business can improve the greenness of your commercial business.
  • Energy efficient light fixtures. Installation of energy efficient light fixtures, like LED lights, can help your commercial business reduce its energy usage.

For more information about how you can modernize your bathroom with a commercial remodeling this spring, talk to a reputable commercial contractor in your area. He or she can make suggestions for improvement and show you how your bathroom can be improved for your customers and staff.

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