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Why to Wait Until Morning to Take Out the Trash

Many homeowners who have their garbage picked up by a local company or municipal agency will take out their rubbish the night before. There are a number of reasons for this. Some may not want to handle garbage once they are showered and dressed for work. Some may leave early and worry they will forget in the morning. Others have their teens do the heavy lifting as part of their evening chores. While it may seem like this is a sensible option, there are reasons why waiting until dawn arrives may be a better choice.

It Encourages Pests

Many garbage-loving animals are also nocturnal. Regularly leaving trash out at night will alert them to a potential source of food. Neighborhood cats are a common offender, but less friendly animals are also likely to stop by. This includes raccoons, skunks and rodents. These animals may begin to return on non-trash days, and when they are unsuccessful locating an easy meal, they may look for ways to get into the house or garage or sniff around in the garden and bird feeders instead.  

Tempting Garbage Pickers

It is not just thieves looking for identities to steal that go through garbage at night. It can also be neighbors and passersby who are treasure hunting. While most people will not care if someone wants to take their broken bike helmet or worn out tennis shoes, it is important to remember that may not be all they see. Garbage can be confidential at times and people should realize that leaving it out early increases the possibility of someone seeing their empty prescription bottles, personal letters and potentially embarrassing other finds that may be tossed in the bags.

Breaking the Law

Some communities and homeowners' associations have strict laws regarding what time garbage can be left out for pickup. Violating these hours can result in a fine. Always ask about what laws are in place in the community and follow them to prevent any problems.

Obviously, very early arrivals by garbage removal services can make it difficult for people to do anything but leave their garbage out at night. If this is the case, homeowners should be careful about making certain all personal or sensitive refuse is shredded or otherwise destroyed and everything is stored in cans with tight-fitting lids. Remembering that garbage is never guaranteed to remain private will make it easier to feel obligated to shred bank statements, remove prescription labels and properly recycle electronic items that may hold personal data.  

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