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Protecting Your Windshield At Sporting Events

Any time you take the family vehicle to a local baseball or softball game, you know you are placing your car in the path of danger. Even safely parking at a soccer game can be hazardous, and golf courses are a nightmare. Cracked and shattered windshields are common, but you can take steps to protect your windshield from foul balls, errant drives, or soccer headers. 


Parking a block or two away from the playing field is an obvious solution. For many people, the extra walk will only improve their fitness routine. Of course, seniors and people with mobility problems like to go to these events, too. If parking far away is not a practical solution, you need to consider padding the windshield.


You can purchase various windshield padding from discount stores or online. You can also improvise. People protect their cars from hail by using items from around the house. The same process works well for sporting events. If you have children and/or a pool, you probably have a number of inflatable objects around the house. You can tape or strap an air mattress to your windshield to serve as a baseball shield. You can also fall back on blankets as a protective measure. Some creative folks have placed several layers of bubble wrap on their vehicles to cushion the blows. If you need to park your car close to a sporting event, cover the windshield with some sort of protection and don't worry about how it looks.


Perhaps the best protection for your vehicle is the right insurance policy. If you have a comprehensive policy, your windshield should be covered under it. Of course, the deductible may make using that policy impractical. Fortunately, some policies will replace your damaged windshield without making you pay a deductible. Before you put your car's windshield in the path of stray softballs, check with your agent to make certain you have the proper windshield coverage so that you can have a shattered one replaced as soon as possible.

With the warm weather comes days and nights filled with amateur sporting events. If you are going to park anywhere close to the action, you need to take steps to protect your windshield. If a ball does do in your auto glass, hope that it comes from your team as they go for the win. Being victorious will ease the pain of shattered glass. For more information, visit websites like this:

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