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Prepare For War: Tips To Storm-Proof Your Windows

When storms come to call, they can incur damage to the different parts of your home – and especially to your windows. But short of not including any windows in your home, how do you protect your windows (and thus yourself and/or your family) against the power of these storms? If you're looking for tips to get your windows to weather any weather, then here's what you need to know.

Reinforce Your Glass

Glass can shatter easily when a projectile hits it, so make sure to reinforce your glass to lessen the chances of that happening. Reinforced glass is made out of two separate panes of tempered glass, with a plastic film in the middle of them to add strength. While they look no different from the outside than regular glass, these windows are highly impact-resistant, making them able to stand up to all but the biggest and fastest bits of debris that a storm can hurl at you.

Install Some Shutters

Storm shutters are some of the most popular forms of protection against storm damage to your windows, and it's easy to see why. Like reinforced glass, the shutters are always in place; this means they can be rolled down easily when a storm appears on the horizon. While storm shutters can be quite expensive to outfit your home with – in the neighborhood of hundreds of dollars – they're a very secure line of defense in ensuring that the windows of your home – and the people that might be near the windows inside of your home – stay safe and unhurt throughout a storm.

Protect With Plywood

Even after you've done all you can do to prep your windows for whatever Mother Nature can throw at them, you'll want to take it one step further when the storm you've been waiting for actually comes rolling down onto your front stoop. Before the storm comes, prepare by measuring and cutting plywood into a custom cover for each individual window (make these covers about eight to ten inches wider than the window on each side). Then, right before the rains and winds start in earnest, run around outside and, using heavy-duty screws and anchors, attach these covers outside the windows to your home itself. This will keep debris from smashing into the windows, but it will make your home very dark (especially if the power goes out), so ensure you have alternative forms of light. Contact a business, such as Active Hurricane & Security Protection, for more information.   

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