Basic Repairs for Moms

Top Household Upkeep Chores That Your Elderly Parents May Need Assistance With

Are your parents getting older? Is your childhood home starting to look run-down but your parents are refusing to move to an apartment or condo? It can be difficult to keep up with necessary chores as a person gets older. Things that were formerly simple and easy may now take days. But instead of wasting time trying to argue with your parents about whether or not they should move to a new home, it might be better if you made things easier for them instead. Some things that your parents might appreciate are:

House painting: Lugging heavy buckets of paint around outside and climbing up and down ladders is a task for the young. If you're too busy or don't live close enough to help with this chore, consider hiring professional house painters to repaint the house's exterior. Once the job is complete, the house will once again begin to look like it's being well cared for. If your parents haven't repainted the interior for decades, they might also appreciate if the house painters repainted at least the living room. Make sure to talk to your parents about their dreams for the house, so that you can get them exactly what they want.

Landscaping: Once the house painters are done, the front yard may start to look ratty by comparison. Hire a local landscaping service to come over and mow the lawn once a week so that your parents don't have to deal with a heavy lawn mower. They might also appreciate having the weeds pulled from their flower beds, but make sure to discuss this with them first. Depending on what they have growing out front, they might not trust anyone aside from themselves to be able to tell which plants are weeds and which ones get to stay.

Gutter cleaning: Ladder climbing can be dangerous, especially for an elderly person. If they're not able to paint their own house, it's likely the gutters are being neglected as well. Once the house painters are done, arrange for a gutter cleaning service to clean out your parent's gutters once or twice a month during the spring and autumn. In the springtime, flowers may fall from nearby trees en masse and clog up the gutters, potentially creating issues once the spring rains arrive. In the autumn, the gutters may once again be clogged but by falling leaves this time. Keeping the gutters free and clear of debris will help keep the roof looking in good condition to match the house's freshly painted exterior.

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