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How To Prepare & Sealcoat Your Driveway Yourself

Asphalt driveways need to undergo a sealcoating process on a regular basis in order to ensure that water doesn't get in the cracks and ruin the foundation of your driveway. If your asphalt driveway is starting to crack, you need to sealcoat it before winter hits. Here is what you are going to need to do to sealcoat your driveway yourself.

Wait For The Right Day

You need to wait for the right type of day to sealcoat your driveway. You don't want to sealcoat your driveway on the hottest or coldest day of the year; you want a day that is dry with mild weather.

Prepare Yourself

You are going to need to make sure that you are prepared. Sealcoating can be a messy and smelly business, so you are going to want to put on a set of disposable clothes to protect your normal clothing and wear work gloves, a mask, and protective eyewear.

Cover Nearby Vegetation

If you have grass or shrubs near your driveway, you are going to want to protect them from the sealcoating process by putting plastic down on top of them to keep them safe. You don't want the asphalt sealcoating mixture to get on them.

Clean Your Driveway

Next, you need to clean your driveway. If there are any weeds growing up through the cracks in your driveway, you'll want to pull them out. Then, sweep your driveway with a large push broom to get rid of all the loose dirt. After that, take a garden hose and use the jet stream option on your spray nozzle to get rid of all the remaining dirt on your driveway.

Prepare The Asphalt Driveway Sealer

Now you need to prepare the asphalt driveway sealer by turning the container upside down a couple of times to pre-mix the content. Once you open the container, you'll want to use a mixing stick to further prepare it.

Apply The Asphalt Driveway Sealer

Apply the asphalt driveway sealer to small areas at a time. You are going to want to spread the sealer on with a squeegee or long brush. Work a small section at a time, applying the sealer in a thin coat. You are going to want to overlap the coats on top of one another to ensure that your driveway is completely covered.

Finally, keep everything off your driveway for at least a day while the sealcoating cures, and possibly a couple of additional days as well to ensure that it fully seals. 

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