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Does Your Aging Family Member Live In A Drafty House With Poor Windows? Keep Them Safe And Lower HVAC Costs

Do you have a family member like an aging parent, and you worry about their safety and how they can live alone? Do they live in an older house that was constructed decades ago, and because of it they have high heating and cooling bills and other utility woes? These are problems that can cost you money and make you worry. Here are a few reasons why getting new windows will help with a variety of different issues throughout the house.

Stop Air Loss and Sun Penetration

The new windows prevent air that your furnace or air conditioner worked so hard to create from escaping and costing you money. The new windows improve efficiency of your appliances, stop drafts from being a problem, and stop the sun from heating the house in the summer when the air conditioning is on. The heat from the sun won't be able to pass through the glass into the living areas. New, efficient windows can be so beneficial that you could qualify for a tax rebate after installation.

Improve Safety 

The new windows are going to be stronger, there won't be gaps between the glass and the frames, and you can get windows with specialized locks. This will help the homeowner prevent someone from easily picking the window and getting inside, or trying to get in from the second story without being noticed. Alert the homeowner's insurance provider to let them know that you improved the windows, because there could be a discount for preventing an intrusion and preventing damage to the home because of the protection the new windows offer.

Maintain Home Value

You have to maintain the home value by upgrading the house and making sure that all the materials are reliable. When you replace the windows, you are helping the person maintain the value of the property that they may want to sell.

New windows can be the solution to your high heating and cooling concerns, and also to the safety concerns that you currently have with the person who is living alone. Talk with a window installation contractor at a company like Robert G Miller Inc. to see what they will charge to repair any damages that the current window boxes may have, and to replace the windows. This way you can compare the costs, negotiate the prices, and see if the project can be done in a short matter of time.

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