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3 Plumbing Issues That You Should Never DIY

Have you recently purchased a home that is in less than ideal condition? Are you considering doing as many repairs as possible by yourself? While there are many repairs that you can fix on your own, there are some that you should leave to professionals. When it comes to plumbing repairs, here are a few situations in which you should call a plumber instead of trying to tackle the repair alone:

Installation of a dishwasher: Putting in a new dishwasher is more difficult than it looks. Unfortunately, if all you do is plug it in and attach the hoses, you're likely to wind up with a flooded kitchen. A dishwasher should always be installed by someone who knows how to fit the appliance into a tight space without kinking the hoses or otherwise damaging the existing plumbing. At best, a poorly installed dishwasher simply won't have water running to it. At worst, the dishwasher may work for a few days before eventually flooding your kitchen when one of the hoses bursts because of kinks or blockages. Fortunately, this plumbing repair should be finished quickly by an experienced plumber, so installing your dishwasher won't be expensive.

Advanced drain blockages: In some situations, you can simply plunge out the drain in question and all will be right again. But if the plunger doesn't work, or multiple drains are involved, it's time to call in a plumber instead of attempting this repair yourself. Pouring drain opening chemicals down a seriously blocked drain may damage your pipes and do nothing to resolve the situation. A plumber will be able to unclog your drains using mechanical means, by clearing out serious root growth, or by otherwise discovering other issues. 

Water heaters: Gas water heaters can be especially dangerous to tinker with, due to the flammability and explosiveness of the gas. You should limit your repair attempts to relighting the pilot light and/or cleaning the burners and sensors as indicated in your water heater manual. If these things don't get your water heater going again, it's time to call in a professional. Should you have an electric water heater instead, you're no better off when it comes to fixing whatever's wrong. An electric water heater generally contains no user-servicable parts, although a qualified plumber should be able to replace a damaged or broken heating element if that's the issue with your water heater.

If you encounter plumbing repairs that are out of your realm of expertise, talk to a professional like those at Towers Murray Plumbing for advice.

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