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Protect Your Home And Property With A Fire Sprinkler System

There are an average of 374,000 home fires each year. House fires damage property and possessions, but they also put people at risk of smoke inhalation, burns, and more. One way that you can protect your home and property is with fire sprinklers. Although home fire extinguishers are always a good idea, fire sprinklers provide extra benefits above and beyond the standard home fire extinguisher.

1. Fires tend to start small and grow fast. For example, a grease fire in your kitchen usually happens in your skillet or deep fryer. If you have a fire extinguisher in your kitchen, you can quickly attempt to put the flames out before they leap to your cabinets and curtains. However, if the fire does jump from the cooktop or appliance and become uncontrollable with a handheld fire extinguisher, you can still implement the fire sprinklers to help prevent the whole house from burning.

2. A surprising number of house fires start in your dryer vent. Even if you are diligent about cleaning your dryer vent after every load, a loose ball of fluff can still get trapped in the vent hose. If this heats up enough during a dryer cycle, it creates a kindling effect that can turn your home into a raging inferno. Keep a fire extinguisher next to your dryer to put out the flames immediately. If the dryer vent fire is already out of control in the laundry room or basement by the time you or a family member realizes it, fire sprinklers can be turned on to minimize damage to other rooms in the house.

3. Some home insurance policies offer a discount if you install fire sprinklers in your home. The cost of installing a fire sprinkler system in your house can be offset by the insurance discount, as well as any savings you realize from not losing property and possessions in a fire.

4. When adults are away when a fire breaks out, young adults and children may not have the presence of mind to remember the location of a suitable fire extinguisher. In addition, a younger child might not even have the strength or knowledge to operate a fire extinguisher. But a fire sprinkler system can be activated with the simple flick of a switch, located in a visible location in the home.

A home fire sprinkler system doesn't have be part of the original construction. A contractor can install a sprinkler system in your home at any time. With the abundant benefits described above, it's worth it to add this extra layer of protection over your home. For more information, talk to a professional like Fire Extinguisher Service Center.

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