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The Importance Of A Land Surveyor When Building Your Own House

Building your own home gives you the ability to customize the property to include all the features you desire. Unfortunately, working with architects and construction crews can result in some mistakes.

Making the choice to hire a land surveyor to stake your property before breaking ground can help you prevent some serious mistakes. Here are three ways that a land surveyor can aide in the construction of a new home.

1. A land surveyor can make sure your home is built on your property.

You might think that constructing a home on your own property is an obvious need. While this need is obvious in theory, it can be challenging to locate property lines on a job site.

Hiring a land surveyor to come in and stake out the property lines on your lot ensures that the architect and construction crews will know exactly where these property lines lie. It can be extremely difficult to move a home that was inadvertently constructed straddling a property line, so avoid this mistake by having a land surveyor clearly mark your property boundaries.

2. A land surveyor ensures proper placement of your home.

Once you have clearly outlined your property boundaries, you want to clearly mark the exact location on your property where you want your new home to be built. A land surveyor can serve as a vital asset in this task.

The surveyor can help you identify the area within your lot that has the physical characteristics most conducive to building, which will help you avoid costly obstacles and delays in the construction process.

3. A land surveyor can make sure your home faces the right direction.

If you are constructing your new home in an area that hasn't been developed yet, there may not be any visible roadways to help construction crews determine which direction your home should face.

In order to avoid having your home built backwards, you should hire a land surveyor to come out and stake your property. The surveyor can obtain plot maps that will help him or her determine where roadways will run once the land has been developed, and the surveyor can use a series of stakes to help direct construction crews through the building process.

Knowing the many ways in which a land surveyor can contribute to the successful building of your new home makes it easy to see why you should hire one of these professionals to assist you with the construction process.

For more information and help, contact a land surveying company, like Burget & Associates Inc.

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