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Three Reasons To Call Your Roofer Before Stringing Roof Christmas Lights

Some neighborhoods are competitive about who has the better Christmas decorations. Other neighborhoods like to pull together so that everyone's home is decorated and the town has something to see when driving through. No matter which type of neighborhood you live in, if you plan to string up lights on your roof during the winter, you know that you must be careful. here are three reasons why you need to call for roof repair and maintenance prior to putting up your Christmas lights. 

Make sure that the roof is sturdy

If the roof has some weak spots, the worst time to find this out is when you are up on the roof. The holidays and directly after are also a bad time to find out that you need to shell out money for a roof fix. It is better to find out that you have a weak spot or a few spots that need to be repaired before the holidays. This way you can spend money on your roof first and rework your holiday budget so that it fits after the roof is repaired. 

Learn if there is ice forming

If there is ice forming or the possibility of roof ice, you may need to stick to stringing the lights around the border of the home instead. Ice on a roof from packed snow will be dangerous for you and your family. If the roof also seems to be developing icicles, you can talk to your roofer about methods of prevention. Icicles can be deadly if they are heavy and fall on a person or pet. Keeping these from developing on the roof of the home is your best bet for keeping your family safe during the holidays. 

Find out the best method for laying the lights down

If all signs are a go for your roof lights, the next thing that you will need to know is the best method for attaching the lights to the roof. A lot of people will use a construction staple gun, especially if the roof is wood or shingled. If you have a cement roof, you may need to find other methods for attaching the lights such as stringing them to velcro that has an attachment to the roof. The last thing that you want is for the lights to start falling off the roof prematurely, so you must make sure that the method that you choose is stable for your roof type. 

Contact a roofing company, like Palmer Roofing, for more help.

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