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4 Solutions To Protect Your Home From Water Damage And Costly Repairs

Even if it is too late to protect your home from water damage, improving your home while doing restoration work is something you can do. You will want to consider improvements to drainage and using water-resistant materials to protect your home from future problems. Here are some solutions that will help prevent water damage and costly repairs in the future.

1. Maintain Landscaping and The Drainage Around Your Home 

Maintaining the landscaping around your home is a great way to prevent water damage. Sometimes, flooding problems can come from storm drainage canals and pipes becoming clogged with dirt and plant debris. Make sure that these drainage systems are always cleaned and do improvements to the watershed design to help reduce problems with flooding.

2. Hardscaping That Protects Against Flooding in Low-Lying Areas

The structures and design of landscaping can help prevent flooding in low-lying areas. If your home is in an area that is prone to flooding, install hardscaping like retaining walls and earthen barriers to help keep flood waters away from your home. Creating a barrier around your home to keep flood waters out, may be something that saves your home from severe damage next time it floods.

3. Choosing Interior Finishes Wisely for A More Water-Resistant Home

Interior finishes and building materials can sometimes be very vulnerable to damage due to flooding. Choose the materials you use inside your home wisely to prevent damage. For example, only use wood and carpet flooring on upper-floors that are safe from water damage problems. In areas of your home where water and moisture are a problem, use alternatives to drywall, such as masonry, tile and vinyl wall-panels.

4. Foundation Repairs and Drainage Systems That Keep Water Out of Your Home

Foundations that are old and deteriorating could leave your home vulnerable to water damage. If you have an older home, have your home's foundation inspected regularly for damage and repaired if needed. In addition, make sure that foundation drainage and mechanical systems like sump pumps are working properly to protect your home from water damage. Upgrading waterproofing and foundation drainage systems can be a great way to protect against future water damage problems.

These are some solutions that will help prevent water damage and costly repairs in your home. If you need help with cleaning up the mess and restoring your home, contact an industrial coatings service and talk to them about options for waterproofing and finishing that are durable and protect against water damage. 

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