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When Is It Time To Retube A Boiler?

If you want to stay warm and cozy during the colder months, you need to treat your boiler well. A large part of accomplishing this task does involve regular maintenance. However, equally important are the not-so-often maintenance steps, such as retubing.

Retubing keeps a boiler operating efficiently and can improve heat delivery throughout a home. If you've never had this service performed or don't know much about it, here are some scenarios when retubing is especially critical.

Frequent Problems

When malfunctions become the norm, you know you have a severe problem on your hands. A boiler should work without any interruption; however, the need for frequent repairs is typically the sign of a more significant problem. Take a leak, for example. Leaks lower the efficiency of the boiler and can create safety hazards.  

However, if the boiler tubing is damaged, a leak is almost guaranteed to occur at some point. Sure, you can attempt to patch the leak, but in the long term, this action will offer little benefit. The only way to permanently eliminate the problem is to retube the boiler. 


Home renovations are great because they make your home look better; they are cosmetic enhancements. However, with every renovation, you always have to go under the surface and make updates as well, including updates to the boiler. For example, if you added a room to your home, you would need to retube the boiler to ensure you have adequate heat delivery to the new area.

If you don't retube the system, you may experience temperature imbalances throughout the property. Have a technician go over your renovation plans to determine if retubing is a necessary step. 


A boiler will last for a considerable amount of time. However, this factor does not mean that the boiler won't need some updates along the way. If your boiler is on the higher end of the age spectrum, you should think seriously about retubing. With an older boiler, rust and corrosion are common problems with the tubing.

Once these problems set-in, they only accelerate the demise of the boiler. Retubing is somewhat of a tune-up that replaces the damaged tubing and gives the entire boiler a restart. However, if your boiler is very old and you plan to replace the unit in the future, cost wise, it's smarter to go ahead and replace the boiler now, rather than retube and replace shortly after. 

Does your boiler need retubing? Contact a service professional from a company like Schweitzer Bros Co Inc who will inspect your unit and assist you with the process. 

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