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Tips For Getting A New Garage Door Installed

When your garage door gets old, it could become a safety hazard. Whether it's unsafe or just unattractive, the solution is to have a new garage door installed. This gives you an opportunity to change the appearance of the door to match your home better, and you'll also be able to upgrade to a newer door that has better safety features. Here are some tips for getting a new garage door.

Replace The Tracks And Hardware At The Same Time

The tracks usually come with the garage door, and they're made for a specific door. Even if you have adjustable tracks, the installer will probably remove them and install new tracks with the door. This ensures the door glides smoothly and won't jam up and strain the opener or spring. So, the first step of garage door installation is to remove the old door and all the parts to prepare for a completely new installation. 

Consider Getting A New Opener Too

Unless you've replaced the opener recently and it's fairly new, you should consider getting a new opener at the same time you get a new door. The installer can put in both at the same time and save another service call in a few years just to put in a new opener. Plus, if the opener you have now is old, it may not have the safety features that new openers have. New openers also have more convenience features, and you can even incorporate them into your home's smart automation system.

Look For Safety Upgrades

If you have kids, then you want a garage door that's as safe as possible while also being a security feature for your home. Talk to your garage door dealer about the best door for your home when security and safety are major concerns of yours. Safety isn't something to take lightly since there is a potential for injury from broken springs, a falling door, and fingers getting stuck in the door. Some manufacturers have added safety mechanisms to combat the common dangers associated with garage doors. For instance, some doors have safety cables that limit the movement of springs when they snap. Other doors are made so fingers can't get inside the sections as the doors open and close. Sensors keep a door from closing if a child or dog is under the door.

Since your new garage door will probably last for many years, think about all the features you'd like to have as your family grows so that they stay safe. Plus, don't forget about choosing the perfect door when it comes to material, color, and window style, so you have a door installed you'll love to look at every day.

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