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Impact Windows Protect Your Home From Damage And Can Be Replaced When Necessary

Impact windows are an excellent investment for your home and security. While these windows stand up to hurricane-strength winds and impacts, they might be damaged in the process. When that happens, it's possible to replace the glass or the entire window just as you would any other type of glass. Here's how impact windows work and why they are better than traditional glass even though impact windows may still break.

How Impact Windows Are Made

Impact windows work so well because they are made of three layers. Two layers of glass are held together by a tough inner film. The film is the magic behind impact glass. The film holds the glass in place even when it's cracked. The glass on the outside of the window can still crack when something is hurled against it, but the glass won't fall out of the frame thanks to the inner film.

Why Impact Windows Are Better Than Plain Glass

If an intruder wants to break into your home and you have traditional windows, all they have to do is smash out the glass and crawl through the window. If you have impact glass, the intruder might crack the glass by striking it with an object, but the window won't collapse, and that keeps the intruder from getting inside. The same happens during a bad storm. A tree limb might hurl against the window, but instead of the glass shattering and falling out, the film holds it securely in place. This keeps wind, rain, vandals, and animals from getting inside your house and causing even more damage.

How An Impact Window Is Replaced

An impact window has the same dimensions as a traditional window, so they look the same and function the same as any other type of frame and glass. If the grass is cracked, you probably want it replaced because the cracked glass is an eyesore. You can hire a glass or window company to do this at your home. The old glass is removed and a new one of the same type is placed in the frame. If the window frame was damaged by vandals or a storm, then it can also be taken out and replaced with a new window if necessary. Either way, your impact window can be repaired so it looks good as new.

Once you have impact windows installed, you may never need to have them repaired or replaced until it's time to get all new windows again. However, if one of your impact windows is damaged, replacing it is no problem and you can feel good that the film in the window prevented additional damage to your home.

For more information about impact window replacement, speak to a team of contractors in your area or visit a website such as

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