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Prepping Your Home For An Exterior Paint Job: Four Steps To Consider

A new coat of paint can breathe new life into your home, but there are some steps you'll want to take before the painters arrive. Use the following guide to prep your home's exterior so your residential painting service can get to work right away.

Powerwash The Siding

Before applying any paint to the home, you want to make sure that there is a clean canvas. This means powerwashing the siding to remove dirt, moss, and any other buildup. You can rent a pressure washer with an extension wand from your local hardware store for this project. If you have a two-story home, be sure to rent proper ladders and ask a friend to help as you clean the siding on the upper floor. As you wash the siding, you can use a scraper to remove any peeling paint. This will help ensure the siding is smooth and ready to be repainted.

Trim Back Foliage

As much as is possible, try to remove any foliage that might get in the painter's way. Bushes and shrubs should be trimmed back away from the home. If you have potted plants on the ground, move them to a back patio or other area away from the siding. If your home has ivy growing outside, consult with your painting service to determine how this should be handled. In some cases, you may need to hire a landscaping company to help remove ivy and trim back tall tree branches in preparation for your painting project.

Inspect Windows And Doors

This is also a good opportunity to inspect the frames for your windows and doors. If they need to be repaired or replaced, you'll want to have this done before painting begins. This can help prevent damage to the newly applied layer of paint, and it also gives the painter a great opportunity to match the paint color for any frames not being replaced.

Remove Shutters

Even if you want to have the shutters for your home repainted, you'll want to remove them beforehand. Your residential painting surface can apply a new layer of paint to them while they are spread out on your lawn, and removing the shutters provides easy access to the siding underneath. Be sure to discuss this aspect of your project with the painting service, as some companies will remove the shutters for you at an additional cost. For a two-story home, having the shutters removed can make the entire process a bit easier on you.

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