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Need To Create Drainage For Your Farm? Tips For Using A Trencher To Get The Job Done

If you live in a drought area and have a lot of crops on a farm, you can install an irrigation system to give your crops the water they need. In order to have an irrigation system, however, you must put it underground. In order to do this, you can hire a professional to install a trench for you.  This professional will use a trencher to move earth, as a trencher can rip soil to a deep level and easily cut through any roots that gets in the way. Doing this by hand would take you many hours and also take several people. Below is more information about this so you can prevent your crops from dying.

Types of Trenchers

There are different types of trenchers available. One type is a chain trencher, which works much like a chainsaw and cuts through the ground. The trencher has a belt that wraps around the chainsaw frame. An excavator controls the trencher. This is the type of trencher that will likely be used to install your irrigation system on your farm.

There are also wheel trenchers, which are a type that are commonly used, if you have to cut through a lot of rocks. These trenches can also cut through concrete. This is why a wheel trencher is often used by utility companies that need to install pipes under a pavement, such as a road. The wheel on this trencher can cut at a variety of depths. A wheel trencher can also easily cut through roots so this type will also be used on your farm if there are large root systems in the areas where you want to have the irrigation system installed.

How the Trench is Installed

Contact a professional trenching contractor in your area to install your trench for you. The contractor will first determine exactly where you want the irrigation lines installed. Once they do this, they will mark off these areas, so they know where to start digging. The contractor will then determine if there are any types of plumbing, electrical lines, etc. buried in the ground before they start using the trencher.

How the contractor does this depends on the type of trencher they choose. In most cases, it will be pushed by hand, but there are also much larger trenchers that are attached to a type of vehicle.

Once the trench is created, the irrigation piping will be installed. If there is concrete in the way, such as a concrete slab, the contractor can use a trencher that can go under the concrete without breaking it up. You may want to consider hiring a landscape contractor for advice on where the best place is to install the irrigation piping and the type of piping you should use. This contractor can design your irrigation system for you, so that the trenching contractor can get to work.

Talk with your trenching contractor to learn more.

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