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3 Common Commercial Garage Door Problems That Warrant Help From An Experienced Repair Technician

If your commercial property has a garage door, it may malfunction severely. It may be so bad that you don't know how to fix the problem. If the following garage door issues are present on your commercial property, make sure you hire a garage door repair technician immediately. They'll handle the problem swiftly and correctly. 

Loose Springs

Any time the springs connected to your commercial garage door become loose, you'll need help from a repair technician. These springs store a lot of force, and one wrong move could result in a life-altering injury. 

A commercial garage door repair contractor knows exactly what protocol to follow when inspecting and adjusting these springs. The springs will be set back to their optimal tightness, ensuring your commercial garage door works as efficiently as possible. This is so important for helping it last for a long time. 

Bent Track

Sometimes, the track at the top of your commercial garage can get bent. Then, the garage door no longer travels smoothly. If the bend is really severe, the door may not even go up or down anymore. Track issues should always be addressed by a repair technician.

They have specialty tools that enable them to manipulate the track back to the correct position. The technician also knows exactly what angle the track needs to be at for your garage door to move like it should. If the track can't be repaired, the technician can install a completely new track in no time. 

Faulty Sensors

The sensors at the bottom of your commercial garage don't always work like they should. They can act up and then cause your garage door to go up and down without being activated. If this keeps happening, contact a commercial garage door repair technician.

They'll test the electrical components of each sensor. Sometimes, they may just need their wiring repaired. Or, the lens may need to be replaced. Either way, the repair technician will keep you in the loop and find a suitable solution that ends up lasting for a long time. Once the problem is fixed, they'll test both sensors to ensure they're working great again. 

Whenever a severe issue occurs with the commercial garage door on your property, hire an experienced and reputable repair technician. They'll do their best to quickly identify the problem and come up with a sustainable repair. You'll receive advice on how to take care of your garage door too, to prevent future complications. 

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