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What Benefits Do Wood Garage Doors Offer?

Today, most people choose to install vinyl, aluminum, or steel garage doors on their homes. These are all seen as more modern options in comparison to wood, which has become less common over the years. And yet, wood garage doors are not obsolete. Here are a few reasons why wood remains a good choice for certain homeowners.

It has a rustic, natural vibe.

It's hard to imagine vinyl looking rustic or country-like. Aluminum and steel have more modern looks, too. Wood, by comparison, can be designed and finished to look as rustic as you want. It can be stained and thoroughly polished to look more sleek and sophisticated or left rough-hewn for a more beachy or farmhouse vibe. If the rest of your home is timber frame or board-and-batten, then a wood garage door is really the only thing that fits. 

It really can be eco-friendly.

Some see wood as a non-eco-friendly option since it involves knocking down trees. But if you buy from a responsible company, they're actually doing more for the environment than against it. While the trees are growing, they are releasing valuable oxygen into the air, and as long as the company plants a new tree for every tree they knock down, this process keeps on rolling. Wood also breaks down easily one day when you're ready to part with that garage door, unlike vinyl that will sit in a landfill for centuries, taking up space. If you want to go green, choose a wood garage door.

You can refinish it yourself.

What happens if one day, five years from now, you decide to change the look of your home's exterior? If you have a blue, powder-coated steel garage door, you'll have to pay to have it refinished in a different color. If you have a wooden door, you can easily sand down the finish and refinish it, either with paint or a new stain. Garage doors last a while, so it's nice to know you can give yours a makeover if needed.

It's easy to have customized.

Although you can have aluminum, vinyl, and steel doors customized, this is a bit tough since these doors tend to be mass-manufactured in lots of identical doors. If you opt for a wood door, it's easier to have it customized since wood doors are often made at least partially by hand.

Wooden garage doors are not obsolete, and in fact, you may want one for your home.

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