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3 Reasons To Choose Trusses Over Stick Framing

The construction of a new home can be a lengthy process. It's important that every detail is considered during the construction phase, since the materials used and the design of the space will have an impact on the comfort and safety of the home once it is completed.

One detail that must be addressed fairly early in the construction process is the type of roofing materials that will be used to build the home. Two popular options are stick framing and roof trusses. Using trusses can be a beneficial way to streamline the construction process while improving the quality of the finished structure.

1. Trusses Are Structurally Sound

The last thing a homeowner wants is a roof that isn't strong enough to stand the test of time. Using trusses during construction can help ensure the structural stability of the property over time. Trusses are constructed in a factory setting. This means that they will not be affected by the elements during construction.

All trusses are designed with the help of an engineer. This ensures that each truss meets minimum universal standards for maximum safety. Stick framing cannot offer these same benefits.

2. Trusses Are Environmentally Friendly

Many homeowners worry about the impact their new home will have on the environment. When you make the decision to use trusses instead of stick framing for the roof of a new home, you can rest assured knowing that you are investing in an environmentally friendly product.

Computer-controlled saws are used to make precise cuts in the lumber used to build each truss. This precision helps to prevent mistakes, which can result in a significant decrease in lumber waste. You will also enjoy the added benefit of roof supports that have a tighter fit thanks to the accuracy of computer-controlled saws.

3. Trusses Allow for Flexible Design

Modern homeowners are often looking for properties that have an open feel. Maintaining a spacious interior can be challenging, since support walls can create obstacles that obstruct the openness of the floor plan.

Roof trusses help solve this problem by allowing for greater distance spans without the need for supports. Engineers can design trusses to support the weight of a roof without needing multiple support walls to hold the trusses in place. The result is a finished home with a spacious and open interior that families can enjoy.

Trusses offer a number of benefits that stick framing cannot match. Consider the use of building trusses when constructing your next home.

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