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A Burst Water Pipe Is An Emergency Plumbing Situation That Calls For Quick Action

A burst water pipe is usually something that needs immediate repair. Even if you shut the water off at your main and stop the leak, that is just a very temporary solution since your home will be without water. Running water is essential when you have kids or elderly parents in your house. Fortunately, you can probably find a 24-hour emergency plumber to help you, whether the emergency is at night or on a holiday. Here are some tips for dealing with a burst pipe emergency.

Turn Off The Water Main

Turning off the water to your house at the main valve outside will at least stop water from spilling all over your floor. If you have an old plumbing system, the main valve may be the only way to shut water off to your inlet pipes. If you have a newer plumbing system, there might be more valves inside that shut water off to different areas of your home. If you can find a shut-off valve to the leaky pipe, turn it off so you can turn the water on to the rest of your house.

Call An Emergency Plumber

Even though you stop the flow of water, you'll want to call a plumber right away so you can start drying out your house. Otherwise, you may get your floor dry only to have it flooded again later. While you wait on the plumber, get rid of as much excess water as you can because water can cause damage quickly.

Try Silicone Tape On The Leak

There might not be anything you can do about a big leak in a pipe, but if you have some silicone tape in your tool chest, you may want to put some around the leak to stop it temporarily. Stretch the tape as you wind it around the pipe to stop the leak.

Silicone tape is often helpful because it can stop a water leak, at least temporarily, without leaving any residue on the pipe when the tape is peeled off. This might buy some time if you need water to get the kids ready for school while you're waiting on the plumber.

However, since many of the pipes in your home are hidden under the floor or behind walls, you may not see the leak or even know for sure where it is. In that case, turning off your water and calling an emergency plumber is necessary so you don't have to tear up your house looking for the leak. A plumber can find it with leak detection equipment with the least amount of disruption.

Understand What Caused The Leak

You'll want to talk to the plumber about the cause of the leak. If it happened because your pipes are old and falling apart, then you may want to schedule an inspection of your pipes and consider having new pipes put in before another emergency pipe leak happens.

To learn more, contact a 24-hour emergency plumber.

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