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What You Should Expect from Concrete Cleaning

When you have a concrete patio or driveway on your property, keeping it clean is an important part of extending its life and avoiding damage. If you've never dealt with cleaning concrete, you may decide that the job is best left to a professional. In fact, this is a wise decision when you want to make sure that your concrete is properly cared for. Here's a look at what you can expect from professional concrete cleaning.

Removing Surface Dirt

The first thing that your concrete cleaning contractor will do is to clean the surface dirt off the concrete pads. He or she will sweep the whole surface so that any loose dirt and debris is cleared away before they start the thorough cleaning process. This is an important step in the process because it not only reduces the mess involved in the cleaning, but it also reduces the chances of any dirt causing physical damage to the concrete surface.

Applying Detergent

If there are any surface stains or stubborn areas that need direct detergent application before the washing process, that is usually done immediately after the concrete is swept. The detergent will be applied on the problem areas and allowed to soak in to help remove those surface stains, including oils, vehicle fluids, and more.

Cleaning The Concrete

Once any pretreatment has had time to soak in and break up stains, the cleaning process begins. Your concrete cleaning contractor will use a pressure washer, often with a mixture of water and a mild cleaning detergent, to clean the concrete.

The entire surface will be cleaned, starting at the furthest corner from the pressure washer and working to the closest. Then, the excess water left on the surface will be scraped away to help encourage the concrete to dry.

Patching Damage

Once the concrete is clean and free of stains and debris, it's time to address any visible damage. Often, surface cracks and similar damage isn't visible until the concrete is clean, so anything that's become apparent should be addressed at this point. Talk with your concrete contractor about filling in any cracks or other damaged areas to maintain your concrete's condition and longevity.

Working with a concrete cleaning contractor is the easiest and most efficient way to make sure that your home's concrete features stay clean and in good condition. Talk with a concrete cleaning company, like Jaco Waterproofing, near you today for more information and to schedule the cleaning that you need.

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