Basic Repairs for Moms

Tips For Getting A New Garage Door Installed

When your garage door gets old, it could become a safety hazard. Whether it's unsafe or just unattractive, the solution is to have a new garage door installed. This gives you an opportunity to change the appearance of the door to match your home better, and you'll also be able to upgrade to a newer door that has better safety features. Here are some tips for getting a new garage door. Read More 

Main Considerations When Installing Plumbing On Your Self-Sufficient Homestead

Plumbing is important for any home, and it's especially important on your self-sufficient homestead. These tips will help you with installing plumbing on your new self-sufficient homestead. Make Sure the Well Is Deep Enough Many people who are interested in self-sufficient living like the idea of installing a water well that will provide them and their families with water. When installing a water well, make sure that it's deep enough that you will have access to plenty of water on your homestead. Read More 

The Four Factors Affecting How Often Your Rural Home’s Septic Tank Needs Pumping And Cleaning

One of the unique aspects of owning a rural home is they typically use septic tanks rather than public utility sewer systems to process wastewater. Unlike sewer connections, septic tanks require regular care and maintenance or they develop expensive problems. One aspect of septic system care is having its tank pumped out and cleaned on a regular basis. How often this needs to be done is contingent on the following four factors: Read More 

When Is It Time To Retube A Boiler?

If you want to stay warm and cozy during the colder months, you need to treat your boiler well. A large part of accomplishing this task does involve regular maintenance. However, equally important are the not-so-often maintenance steps, such as retubing. Retubing keeps a boiler operating efficiently and can improve heat delivery throughout a home. If you've never had this service performed or don't know much about it, here are some scenarios when retubing is especially critical. Read More 

4 Solutions To Protect Your Home From Water Damage And Costly Repairs

Even if it is too late to protect your home from water damage, improving your home while doing restoration work is something you can do. You will want to consider improvements to drainage and using water-resistant materials to protect your home from future problems. Here are some solutions that will help prevent water damage and costly repairs in the future. 1. Maintain Landscaping and The Drainage Around Your Home  Maintaining the landscaping around your home is a great way to prevent water damage. Read More 

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Basic Repairs for Moms

Hi, my name is Annie Sullivan. I'm a stay-at-home mom with four kids between the ages of 1 and 7. Two of them are twins: they're 3. Let me tell you--you learn a lot as a mom that you would never expect! Not only am I chef, chauffeur, teacher, and caretaker, but I also have become an amateur repair man, plumber, and construction worker. I do more heavy lifting and repair work than I ever imagined. Do you know how many Barbies can fit down a toilet drain? It's quite surprising. Do you know how to get them out? I do. I've learned a lot of this just through trial and error--and the internet. I also had my husband teach me some tricks, since I usually can't wait until he gets home to solve the problem. Hopefully you other moms out there can learn something from this site!