Basic Repairs for Moms

DIY Swimming Pool Vinyl Lining Repair

Owning a swimming pool makes for a great summer. Having the fun of a pool right in your backyard is a great way to spend hot days, but it also requires maintenance on your part to ensure you get a lot of use out of it. The lining of your pool can become ripped or torn and cost you a lot of cash if you need to have it replaced. Before you contact your local pool contractor to get a quote for a replacement liner, see if you may be able to make the repairs to the tear yourself. Read More 

4 Tips To Save Money On Fill Dirt

If you are looking to fill in a big hole in your yard or tackle another project, you might be looking to invest in some fill dirt. Unfortunately, you might be shocked by just how much simple dirt can cost. Following these tips can help you save money on the fill dirt that you need so that you can tackle your project. 1. Look for Freebies Before you assume that fill dirt will be expensive, you should consider checking your local newspaper classifieds and other local advertising to look for free dirt. Read More 

Got Pests? What’s The Best Wood For Your Dock’s Pilings?

If shipworms damaged your dock's pilings, you may want to replace the wood with something stronger than what you currently have. Shipworms are bothersome pests that eat untreated wood. If you don't replace the wood of your dock with a wood species like Brazilian walnut, your dock won't last. Here's what you should know about shipworms and how Brazilian walnut protects your dock from them. What Are Shipworms? Shipworms are tiny mollusks that live in saltwater. Read More 

How To Install Hardwood Floors

The main perk of hardwood floors is that you can install them on your own. It makes the project more cost effective. Of course, you will need to learn how to install the floors. The most common hardwood floors are engineered for consumer installation. They have a modular design that makes installation possible with minimal tools. This article explains how to lay and install hardwood on wooden subfloors. Laying the Wood Read More 

How A Beginner Do-It-Yourselfer Can Replace A Torn Asphalt Shingle

Now is the time before winter sets in to fix any broken asphalt shingles on your roof. A damaged shingle will let water from melting snow and rain to enter into your house. The water can saturate the wood underneath the shingles and cause it to rot and disintegrate. You need to replace any torn or damaged asphalt shingles before the snow flies. Here is how a beginner do-it-yourselfer can replace an asphalt shingle without damaging the rest of the roof. Read More 

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Basic Repairs for Moms

Hi, my name is Annie Sullivan. I'm a stay-at-home mom with four kids between the ages of 1 and 7. Two of them are twins: they're 3. Let me tell you--you learn a lot as a mom that you would never expect! Not only am I chef, chauffeur, teacher, and caretaker, but I also have become an amateur repair man, plumber, and construction worker. I do more heavy lifting and repair work than I ever imagined. Do you know how many Barbies can fit down a toilet drain? It's quite surprising. Do you know how to get them out? I do. I've learned a lot of this just through trial and error--and the internet. I also had my husband teach me some tricks, since I usually can't wait until he gets home to solve the problem. Hopefully you other moms out there can learn something from this site!