Basic Repairs for Moms

Tips For Getting A New Garage Door Installed

When your garage door gets old, it could become a safety hazard. Whether it's unsafe or just unattractive, the solution is to have a new garage door installed. This gives you an opportunity to change the appearance of the door to match your home better, and you'll also be able to upgrade to a newer door that has better safety features. Here are some tips for getting a new garage door. Read More 

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Basic Repairs for Moms

Hi, my name is Annie Sullivan. I'm a stay-at-home mom with four kids between the ages of 1 and 7. Two of them are twins: they're 3. Let me tell you--you learn a lot as a mom that you would never expect! Not only am I chef, chauffeur, teacher, and caretaker, but I also have become an amateur repair man, plumber, and construction worker. I do more heavy lifting and repair work than I ever imagined. Do you know how many Barbies can fit down a toilet drain? It's quite surprising. Do you know how to get them out? I do. I've learned a lot of this just through trial and error--and the internet. I also had my husband teach me some tricks, since I usually can't wait until he gets home to solve the problem. Hopefully you other moms out there can learn something from this site!