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Should You Have A Professional Handle Rock Removal Work?

The idea of removing rocks from a location can seem simple enough, and you might wonder whether or not you will need the assistance of qualified professionals. However, there are several good reasons for paying for rock removal services. Here are a few of the most notable ones. Liability Especially if the rocks are near the edge of a property, there is a risk that mishandling them might leave you exposed to legal liability. Read More 

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Basic Repairs for Moms

Hi, my name is Annie Sullivan. I'm a stay-at-home mom with four kids between the ages of 1 and 7. Two of them are twins: they're 3. Let me tell you--you learn a lot as a mom that you would never expect! Not only am I chef, chauffeur, teacher, and caretaker, but I also have become an amateur repair man, plumber, and construction worker. I do more heavy lifting and repair work than I ever imagined. Do you know how many Barbies can fit down a toilet drain? It's quite surprising. Do you know how to get them out? I do. I've learned a lot of this just through trial and error--and the internet. I also had my husband teach me some tricks, since I usually can't wait until he gets home to solve the problem. Hopefully you other moms out there can learn something from this site!